Well HELLO there!

A little bit about me:

I’m a mama to two little girls, a wife to one incredible man, a military spouse, a daughter, sister, and friend. I do digital marketing for small businesses to make some money. I like to write, organize and dream. I love to have a plan and make lists but I also love spontaneity. I especially like to learn about different cultures.

I have a BA in Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Journalism. I did a small stint in a graduate program in Architecture – which I loved but didn’t fit my lifestyle. I’ve been an event planner and newsletter editor as well as a dental assistant. I’m a wanderer if you will, trying to find my place in the world. Most recently I finished a Master’s Program in Digital Marketing, which allows my creative and analytical sides to combine.


Everyone should have a love list. My love list includes:

Fish tacos, painting, doing crafts with my girls, watching tv with my hubby, sleeping in, reinventing my space often, browsing IKEA – for small living ideas, feeling the sun, walking after dinner – preferably on the beach, having dance parties in the living room, swimming, flowing shirts with jeans, comfort food, fresh flowers, living with little, dreaming small, and much more.

What’s on your love list?