Are you Healthy? Check your Poop!

Checking your daily poop for optimized health.

Poop Pageant Image: From Practical Paleo

What’s the best way to determine if you’re currently healthy? Take a look at your daily poop, AND you should be having a DAILY poop.

Finding a healthy balance is extremely difficult for all of us in the Western world. There are so many demands pulling us in so many directions that our health takes a back seat to work, home demands, kids, you name it. But your health (mental and physical) is incredibly important to those around you. When you are miserable, so is your spouse, kids, and co-workers, and that’s partially your fault for not taking care of yourself in the first place.

Take care of yourself, in order to not drag others down!

Now, I’m no guru on the body. I’ve taken my fair share of classes in anatomy and nutrition but I’m not a doctor, holistic or otherwise. I do care about my body though and I know when it feels good and I know when it feels pretty shitty.

In order to feel my best, I need to:

  • Eat Clean, this means eating real food, not something from a bag, can or tub. It usually requires a good amount of prep work but it’s worth every second. I’m planning on doing the Whole30 soon and will post results. Eating clean requires me to Plan, Plan, Plan! I hate this actually, I’m usually the more spontaneous type but if I don’t plan, then I eat junk and I feel terrible!


  • I take my supplements! In today’s food market we cannot get what we need from the foods that are being grown and produced. The soil is laden with pesticides and run-off. It’s not worth losing sleep over but it’s worth knowing that you’re going to need to supplement. I take a multivitamin and pre and probiotics. There is a lot that has come out recently about gut health. Want to know if your gut is healthy? Check out this poop pageant, hang it in your bathroom even (no shame in the game!).


  • Keep your house clean with the most eco-friendly products you can find. You can make your own cleaning products or find a good company you trust (right now I’m stuck on Mrs. Meyers). I use a few basics products and try to keep it simple with four bottles for everything!


  • Create a healthy mind. I’ve just started the 10% happier meditations. I feel a little silly meditating, but so did Dan Harris when he first started. It’s cooler to be calm than be a lunatic all the time. Yoga is also my go to mind and body workout. I currently practice Yoga with Adriene on youtube. She has so many videos, for every type of yoga imaginable.


  • Finally, exercise. The concept of exercise is by far the most difficult lifestyle factor for me to achieve. I need accountability, every single day, or I need a calendar reminder to get outside and move. Exercise doesn’t need to be gym worthy; you can walk/jog around your neighborhood, ride your bike, go swimming, or do a workout video at home (there are so many free ones on youtube).

Do you have any other strategies that keep you at your best?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies. They are purely my chosen methods of research and products. 

Put on your Best Face

I’m old enough to know what make-up I like by now. I’ve had plenty of experimenting over the years. But I’ve settled on a very selective few products that I love and use every day.

My favorite room to declutter with my clients (I’m a professional organizer) is their bathroom. I ask them to put their daily make-up on, that they wear every day to work. Then, I ask them to add the products they would wear for a night on the town or for a wedding or special event. They look beautiful and sexy and ready to go, even though we are still in our cleaning clothes! But it’s really fun to see what people choose.

Then we get rid of the rest!!! Even if they just love this one item, if it’s never used, it goes. Sometimes we love certain make-up just because we love to look at the colors but it doesn’t actually look good with our skin tone or eye color. Sometimes we feel guilty because we spent too much money on something that just isn’t right for us. Same goes for clothes. Let go of that guilt.

Here’s a sneak peek into my make-up (and yes this is ALL of it).


The first photo is my daily make-up. It all goes into the striped bag you see in the photo. I use almost all of this every day. Included are concealer, face powder, blush, eyebrow powder, mascara, eyeliner, and Burt’s Bee’s lipstick and chapstick. Plus the brushes that go with each item. I planning on converting the eyebrow powder to a pencil, which will eliminate the small brush.

My special event makeup is everything in the striped bag plus an extra foundation, a shinier eyeliner, and an eye palette. I keep this all in my special event clutch. I know where it is and I keep it out of my everyday wear (put away in my closet) so I don’t have to think about it until I actually have a special event!

I’d love to see your pared-down make-up. What are your favorites and where do you keep your dressy make-up?