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The Blessing of Having an ‘Average’ Child

For all those kids who are 'average'; you are a blessing to your parents! Let me tell you why. It's easy to follow your needs and wants. You fall within the expectations both developmentally and academically and we can easily determine what your milestones should be. You aren't labeled 'gifted' and you aren't labeled 'challenged'. You're… Continue reading The Blessing of Having an ‘Average’ Child

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The Overwhelmed Family

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash Life isn't so simple, I'm not sure it's been simple since the industrial revolution, and today's technologies make it increasingly more difficult to reconnect and slow down within our family. Signs Your Family is Overwhelmed: Mom, Dad, and kids are easy to snap during the simplest tasks. Kids come home and… Continue reading The Overwhelmed Family

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How Living in Italy Changed my Idea of Minimalism

I've always been a minimalist per se. I've enjoyed scaling down to exactly what I need to make my life calmer and more aesthetically pleasing. Then we lived in Vicenza for three years and even had a baby there! Living in Italy was a perfect chance to observe how the quintessential Europeans live versus consumerist… Continue reading How Living in Italy Changed my Idea of Minimalism